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Sunday, 19 June 2022 y.

The war in Ukraine … and the protection of life

In the last few months, we have been increasingly approached by those who want to get SHELD mobile shelters in one way or another.
Now SHELD mobile shelters have become a necessity.
It is unfortunate to admit that for five years we have not been able to break into the Ukrainian market, to interest the leadership of the state, the administration of Lviv in our products. “Not in time,” we were told.
SHELD mobile shelters were created for the military, so they have a high level of protection, they do not need installation or dismantling. Subsequently, we developed a version of a mobile home for civilians.
The houses are equipped with beds, household amenities, there is a kitchen, easily deployed as a small town. It is possible to perform by individual order.

Unfortunately, we do not have the capacity and resources to provide all the housing and protection needs of those who come to us today. Nevertheless, we plan to resume construction of SHELD mobile homes and shelters in Lviv in the near future. We invite everyone who cares and wants to help.
Those ready to join the case financially can do so on the card account of PrivatBank 4149609006750345.
We hope that this time we will succeed and the city authorities will not stay away.

P.S. We remain open to the international market.

Our products meet the demands of the European Standard

And can honorably represent the national manufacturer at the world market.

«SHELD. PROTECT YOUR LIFE» We invite you to cooperate