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Shelter «sheld»

In order to create maximum comfort and to satisfy any needs of customer, the mobile shelters are ensured with complex packaging (higher quality bunks, living conditions, etc ).
The company also develops, produces and realizes goods of special purpose, that could be included into mobile shelters or use separately. We always renew the packaging of our mobile shelters by the addition of innovative models.

Special purpose products

  • Life rafts


    The rescue” Sheld”rafts of overflow type affiliate with mobile shelter for MNF, and can be ordered  as   separate units. They are kept and supplied in containers, that are made of fiberglass-weigh 98kg, length-135 mm, diameter-650mm.

    Preference of unfolded raft:

    • spaciousness-12 people;
    • length-3328mm;
    • width-3212 mm;
    • height-1550 mm.


    • emergency kit;
    • survival equipment;
    • 2independent floating chambers;
    • hydrostatic disconnecting device, that helps to blow up the raft automatically.
  • Geometrical modules


    Geometrical modules for mobile shelters ,quad bikes, buggies ,cars and other transport that is used for transportation, safe keeping of different types of tools and storage cell:

    • they are made on the basis of fiberglass;
    • length from 80cm to12cm;
    • optical smooth surface;
    • resistant to frost, rain, wind;
    • withstand overloading;
    • can be used in extremal conditions.
  • Protective shields

    Taking into considerations the wishes of the customer, all types of

    capsules can be additionally equipped with the protective shield which is


    installed on the entire surface or on separate areas like bumper:


    – protects against sharp shocks during loading and transportation;


    – protects against damage by touching objects at stationary ground use;


    – waterproof, temperature-resistant, non-toxic, can be used for a long period;


    – elastic, therefore flexible and does not damage other objects with touch;


    – adapts to installation requirements (length, thickness, location, etc.).

And other variants of complete sets on your choice
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