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Wednesday, 22 March 2017 y.

Shelter «SHELD»

From time to time, in different parts of the planet, there are some earthquakes, sever tornadoes, tsunamis and strong hurricanes that cause damage to infrastructure, property and human lives. “Sheld” capsule was specially created as a temporary shelter – the place, where a person or even the whole family can hide from the disaster, in other not to sink or die under the broken pieces of the buildings. Mobile shelters “Sheld” are equipped with sleeping sits, living conditions and the latest innovative models.


Sleep – one of the basic human need, and the right bed is an investment into own health. Beds in bunkers designed to provide you with efficient and proper rest.


For a comfortable residence you can choose individually set of domestic conveniences to create maximum comfort. You create a life guided by your taste and wishes.


Bunkers are equipped with high-tech innovative modules that are designed to ensure complete safety and reliability of structures.

Our products meet the demands of the European Standard

And can honorably represent the national manufacturer at the world market.

«SHELD. PROTECT YOUR LIFE» We invite you to cooperate