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Production of Sheld

At the end of 2016 our specialists created and upgraded production plant with total area of over 2,000 square meters, which included:

  • joinery work shop;
  • warehouses;
  • toolroom;
  • lamination shop;
  • places for cutting, modeling and processing on CNC machines;
  • places for assembling and installation works.

This allowed us to expand the assortment of our products

Also in 2016 the tests were carried out and mobile platforms, were developed for transporting our products to any country in the world

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Sheld materials

The production uses materials of European manufacturers certified in the territory of Ukraine.



Fiberglass (Fiber + glass) is a strong and flexible material for making objects that must withstand heavy mechanical loads (for example, sports jumping poles, etc.), fiberglass is used in production for a quite long.


The material is a composite of polymer and fiberglass, which is 3 times stronger than aluminum and 9 times stronger then regular PVC. It could be achieved through a special technology, when the glass content in the final product is up to 60%. Composite properties of materials provide increased strength of the structure.


Fiberglass is a glass-filled material (70% of glass fiber) based on polyester resins, has the strength and durability of metal, biological resistance of the polymer (does not rot, does not change color, does not become crack-sensitive). The strength is 9 times higher than PVC and 204 times higher than aluminum. Thermal expansion and shrinkage of the glass does allow deformation.


Fiberglass is used in production for a quite long period in the Defense Industry


Aircraft construction, shipbuilding industry and other areas with high demands on material strength, heat conservation, resistance to aggressive environments, maintenance of properties under a thermal shock, durability, environmental friendliness, in sum, all the demands we raise to modern materials. That is why, the materials based on fiberglass are actively used, for example, in automotive industry when producing any elements that must withstand greater mechanical stress.


The use of fiberglass increases the strength of product, which in turn allows to avoid problems such as skewness and deformation while in operation. The frame made of fiberglass does not require any servicing, no scratches, split-offs or traces of corrosion remain on it.


  • Over Stainless Steel:

    • noncorrosive;
    • does not tarnish, resistant to scratches;
    • nondeformable;
    • more resistant to aggressive environments (chemical reagents).
  • Over Plastic:

    • much stronger and more durable;
    • does not require metal armouring;
    • more resistant to aggressive environments (chemical agents effect);
    • does not release toxic compounds when heated;
    • it is not subject to mechanical influences (due to fiberglass reinforcement is resistant to angularity and to cracks, due to gelcoat is resistant to scratches);
    • nondeformable.
  • Over Ceramics:

    • has much greater resistance to mechanical damage and doesn it shatter;
    • the products have a lower weight.
  • Over Duracon:

    • significantly cheaper having the same indices of resistance power to aggressive environments (chemical agents effect);
    • has a high resistance to mechanical damage.

Our products meet the demands of the European Standard

And can honorably represent the national manufacturer at the world market.

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